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Regardless of the nature of his activity, a modern entrepreneur does not imagine his work without make your own stamp Making stamps is ordered by businessmen in the field of trade and construction, repair and tourism, transport and communications. Of course, we find reprints not only on papers related to entrepreneurship. Any more or less important information issued by state institutions also contains an imprint, and very often not one. The same applies to medical documentation, which must be certified with a special cliché.

What is the secret to the demand for stamp products? There are a number of reasons for this. First of all, in many situations one cannot do without an imprint, since its affixing is required by the legislation of the Russian Federation. However, if we turn to the topic of business, it is well known that Russian laws do not put forward such requirements for individual entrepreneurs. Nevertheless, it is probably difficult to find an individual entrepreneur who would not order a print for entrepreneurial activity. And in this case, two more factors are significant. Firstly, by affixing a fingerprint, the businessman protects himself from the risks of counterfeiting. Secondly, in this way he adheres to unspoken rules of business etiquette. It so happened in our country that people believe a piece of paper with a stamp much more readily than without it.

Making stamps: all different and without exception needed

By the way, we did not mention one more reason why organizations and enterprises order a print or stamp, and very often not one. This is ease of use if the workflow is large, but you want to spend less time on paperwork. For example, take the average hospital through which hundreds of patients go daily. A lot of people come here for help, on which it will only be written "Healthy." Of course, it is much easier to stamp a pile of such pieces of paper than writing the same thing each time by hand. The same applies to other organizations where cliches with the words "Approved", "Paid", etc. are widely used.

It is such a wide range of application of stamp products that explains its huge variety. Stamps and stamps are needed to fill the cover pages of documents and confirm their authenticity, restrict access by unauthorized persons to papers and to label products. Depending on the specific type, products differ not only in their content, but also in appearance. Therefore, we can find prints round and square, rectangular and triangular.

Company stamp and other types of stamps: how to put them down correctly?

Naturally, for all the years of the existence of various stamped products, clear rules for setting impressions have already been established. For example, a document is certified with a seal, as a rule, from scratch where there is no text. At the same time, an imprint is placed at the end, where the signatures of the authors of the paper are. But if the document has a so-called place for printing marked "MP", then the print is put there. At the same time, you must not leave your signature on the information content of the finger to the official who certifies it. After all, the print should be easy to read.

By the way, these simple rules are worth knowing not only for those who print fingerprints on documents every day and order stamps for themselves. For example, when contacting government agencies for some kind of information, it is better to ensure that it is certified in accordance with all the rules. Otherwise, problems may then arise when presenting the document at the destination just because the stamp is not readable because it is blurry.

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