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What is the difference between medical hemp and recreational one?

Medical marijuana vs. recreational

Quite often you can read in the press that anywhere legalized hemp or recreational. Is this the same thing and how do these types of marijuana differ from each other? Professional varietal selection of cannabis began not so long ago - the active principle was laid in the 90s of last century. Initially, the breeders set themselves the task of raising the level of THC, to give marijuana maximum pruchit. The second goal was to improve the organoleptic properties of the herb - taste, smell. Finally, the appearance. And only with the discovery of medical properties of cannabis and its component of CBD (cannabidiol) in the 2000s began its selection for the medicinal direction. Then there was a division of cannabis into recreational (that is, focusing on psychoactivity) and medical (having proven therapeutic properties).

What's the Difference?

The main thing is the level of CBD. Medical grades are distinguished by its elevated content. But in the recreational hemp KDB too, but its level is not so great - within the limits of 1 percent, rarely - two. But in medical grades the level of CBD can reach 8 and more percent. Actually, in medical grades there is also THC, only in contrast to hemp recreational it can be not so great. However, there are varieties of medical herbs that have a high level of THC. Everything depends on the tasks that are pursued by the treatment. Medical hemp with the predominance of CBD and with a minimum of THC is used to treat epilepsy, inflammation. Or when the patient does not need to intoxicate at all (for example, patients from among children and the elderly). But more TGK level in the "medical" is needed when the patient has problems with sleeping or has mental disorders: anxiety, depression. In addition, if we are talking about that medical marijuana that is legally sold in pharmacies, for example, in some US states, then this herb is usually grown, dried and packaged in sterile conditions, undergoes a thorough check on the content of pesticides. In other words, the approach to it as a real medical product - with its own rules and technology. Of course, the official recreational grass is also controlled for quality, but the approach to it is less strict.

What are the medical cannabis varieties?

There are a lot of them. For decades, dozens and dozens of them have been removed. Many sydbanki and breeders prefer to have medical strains in their varietal line. For quite obvious reasons: the market is growing rapidly, medical cannabis continues victorious march on the planet, conquering more and more new countries - a piece very tasty. However, to the end user such competition goes only for the benefit - the grades become better and more efficient. However, to say that only commercial profit will move progress will be wrong. There are medical varieties that are striking in their history. For example, one of these is the now famous strain of Charlotte's Web. It was created in order to save a specific child - Charlotte Figi. Devchulya in the 2nd year fell ill with a rather rare and very dangerous kind of epilepsy - the Drava syndrome. Until recently, he was very poorly suited to treatment, from which many children died. When the official medicine recognized its powerlessness to overcome the ailment and actually doomed Charlotte to a painful early death, the girl's parents learned that there was a new alternative method for treating cannabis. In their Tennessee state, cannabis was banned, so they even had to move to Colorado, where hemp breeding work was carried out with a high content of CBD. And one of these strains was effective for relieving the symptoms of the disease - destructive and frequent epileptic seizures. Instead of dying, the child lives a full life and no longer suffers. And in memory of the wonderful history of the strain was named after the girl - Charlotte's Web. And now available to other sick American children.

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