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License for marijuana

License for marijuana

This place is classified. Here is a farm for growing cannabis and producing from it legal marijuana. Territorially, it is located near Beer Sheva, a city called the capital of the south of Israel.

At the entrance, I was asked to put on a robe, shoe covers and sign a document on the non-disclosure of the location of the farm. By the way, gowns are not necessary to maintain sterility, which in agriculture is useless, but that the smell of marijuana does not permeate the clothes. Otherwise, the first policeman he meets will necessarily detain a person from whom he smells marijuana.

In the same greenhouse, motion and temperature sensors are installed to allow access only to those who have permission to do so. As in most countries of the world, industrial cultivation of cannabis in Israel is prohibited. However, as an anesthetic, it is used quite legally under the license of the Ministry of Health. Information on the use of cannabis as a medicinal potion can be found in tracts of ancient and medieval ausculops.

Two years ago, the leading actor of the Tel Aviv Chamber Theater Oded Theomi, who was then 72 years old, suddenly felt so painful during rehearsal that he lost consciousness right on the stage. Once in the hospital, he found out that he had bladder cancer. Despite intensive treatment, the pains did not subside. Anesthetics, usually used for cancer, did not help. Then the doctor advised Theomi to start smoking marijuana.

The actor heeded the advice of the doctor and became one of the persons whose trustee is the organization "Tikun Olam". It was her Ministry of Health of Israel in March 2007 issued the first license for cultivation of cannabis, the allocation of her drug, the production of cigarettes and their free distribution to certain categories of patients.

In nature, there are about 60 varieties of cannabis, containing a different number of cannabinoids - psychotropic substances used in the manufacture of marijuana. At the end of the nineteenth century, in the United Kingdom and a number of other European countries, muscular spasms were removed with the help of cannabis during seizures of epilepsy and with rheumatism. However, the spectrum of therapeutic effects of cannabinoids is much broader. Marijuana as a medical device was legalized simultaneously on the Promised Land and in Britain in 1999. It is noteworthy that today in Britain is the largest in Europe farm for the production of legal marijuana. This agricultural enterprise, producing 26 tons of cannabis a year, is also classified. The protection of the farm is similar to that of a strict security prison.

All kinds of marijuana are mind-altering drugs. In other words, they change the functioning of the brain. Cannabis products contain tetrahydrocannabinol, the main active compound of marijuana.

The doctor prescribed "herb"

The therapeutic effect of cannabis is to reduce pain, increase appetite, regulate mood and positive effect on the nervous system in certain diseases. In Israel for the first time in the world began to use cannabis in cancer, multiple sclerosis, HIV infection, neurological diseases, asthma, glaucoma, colitis. Marijuana weakens the depressive and panic conditions. Therefore, it is recommended to the former servicemen who suffer from post-traumatic stress.

A special effect is the use of cannabis components for multiple sclerosis - a disease affecting the central nervous system, the brain and spinal cord. The patient becomes disabled at the same time, but this disease does not lead to death. Modern medicine does not have the means that cure multiple sclerosis. Nevertheless, sympathetic therapy, that is, acting only on symptoms, but not relieving itself of the disease, facilitates the suffering of patients.

Cannabis drugs, produced mainly in England and Israel, were licensed for sale in Spain, the Czech Republic, and Canada. In 15 countries, these drugs are distributed with some restrictions. In the near future, the issuance of permits for the medical use of drugs from marijuana in Germany, France and Italy is expected.

The Shiba Medical Center in Tel-a-Shomer became the first Israeli medical facility to launch a wide-ranging research program on marijuana use for clinical purposes. Patients at this hospital receive smoking doses of marijuana according to the procedural standards developed by the doctors and researchers of the center.

Outpatients receive a medicine containing cannabinoids through the Abar Banel mental health center run by Dr. Yehuda Baruch. He also has the exclusive right to control the cultivation of cannabis, the production of marijuana from it and the corresponding cigarettes. To date, the total number of patients who are prescribed marijuana treatment, reaches in Israel more than two thousand people.

An important event that makes cannabis a very accessible medical device occurred last summer. The Knesset Anti-Drug Commission authorized import of marijuana for medical purposes. Chairman of this commission Taleb Sana said that "local producers are not yet able to meet the demand of medical institutions for marijuana." Indeed, in the Jewish state, cannabis cultivation is officially permitted on 14 farms, but only three are involved. Therefore, the Knesset Committee on Health, Social Welfare and Labor required the Ministry of Health to develop a five-fold increase in cannabis production within six months.

Currently, the drug committee at the Ministry of Health of Israel recommends introducing marijuana into the so-called "drug basket", because no one doubts that the need for cannabis will increase and from completely free distribution of this drug sooner or later will have to be abandoned. If cannabis gets into the "basket", then for the consumer the discount can be up to 90 percent.

Two-edged sword

According to the newspaper "Haaretz", by the end of the year the number of recipes prescribed for obtaining marijuana will increase to five thousand. After the new recommendations on the use of cannabis come into force, the number of patients who will be prescribed marijuana will increase to 40,000. According to Dr. Yehuda Baruch, in 2012, the market for medical marijuana will grow to $ 16.3 million, and in subsequent years will reach 65.2 million.

However, not everything is so clear with the use of marijuana for medical purposes. Although cannabis is prescribed in small doses, with long consumption, slight hallucinogenic psychoses and paranoia are possible in a small part of the patients. There is a risk of an increase in schizophrenia.

The question of the appearance of drug addiction remains also a debate. Moreover, when using marijuana, the dependence appears, apparently, not as fast as when using heroin, but not slower than with alcohol abuse. Professor Elad Davidson, head of the hospital for pain research at the Jerusalem hospital Adassa, called one of the possible side effects of marijuana use a tendency to consume heavier drugs.

Much concern is expressed by the police. They believe that no medical institution, even having the exclusive right to distribute the drug for medical purposes, is not able to actively resist the "black market". Therefore, a special commission set up by the Ministry of Health and representatives of police structures came to the conclusion that it is necessary to create an agency of medical marijuana in the country. According to Professor Roni Gamzo, the Director of the Ministry of Health, the need for such an agency is dictated by "numerous problems, the solution of which is beyond the powers of the Ministry of Health."

The new structure, explains the publication "Maariv", will handle all issues related to medical marijuana - logistics, production, procurement, sales and monitoring. Professor Elad Davidson believes that medical marijuana in the near future will be used in the form of cannabis oil, as well as in the form of cookies with a high content of cannabis. However, he doubts that new forms of marijuana use will be as effective in treatment as an old and proven method - smoking. And yet, despite the fact that, in addition to Israel, the use of marijuana for medical purposes has already been legalized in a number of states, including 11 American states, it continues to be banned in most countries of the world.

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