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The most popular vodka in the world

What is the best vodka in the world? It is unlikely that this question can be given a definite answer. But you can call the most popular, focusing on the volume of its production and consumption.

The well-known industry magazine "Drinks International" annually presents its ranking of the largest sales of alcohol brands - Millionaires Club. According to the research, a list of the fifteen most popular brands of vodka is as follows.

15. Finlandia

Closes the list of vodka «Finlandia», the annual production of which is 3.1 million dal (decalitres).

Finlandia is one of many brands owned by Brown-Forman along with Jack Daniels, El Jimador and Pepe Lopez.

14. Stolichnaya

Stolichnaya is a legend in the world of Russian vodkas. Almost everybody knows its brand red and gold label. The annual output of Stolichnaya is over 3.32 million dal.

13. Skyy

"Skyy" from the "Campari Group" - a classic triple filtration vodka, which is bottled in the original bright blue bottles. Practically unknown in Russia, she enjoys great success in Europe.

Vodka Finland Vodka Stolichnaya Vodka Gray Goose
12. Svedka

The Swedka brand belongs to the American company Constellation Brands, and production is located in the town of Lidkopin. Thanks to a successful advertising campaign, this vodka has become one of the most recognizable in the US market.

11. Gray Goose

French vodka «Gray Goose» is rapidly gaining popularity. This premium vodka is made from wheat grains grown in Cognac province and water from the Gente spring. Before being corked in a bottle, Gray Goose vodka is filtered five times.

10. Krupnik

The top ten best-selling vodkas in the world are closed by the Polish “Krupnik” from “Belvédère” with an annual production volume of 4.5 million dal.

9. Czysta de luxe

Czysta de luxe is another popular brand of Polish vodka. “Czysta de luxe” is little known in Russia, its main part is being bought up on the European market.

8. Five Lakes

Vodka "Five Lakes" in 2012 was recognized as "Vodka number 1 in Russia." Its production volume exceeds 4.8 million dal per year.

"Five Lakes" is made on the basis of alcohol "Lux" and pure natural water from ecologically clean sources of Siberia.

White Vodka Five Lakes Green Mark
7. Belenkaya

Russian vodka “Belenkaya” is produced from “Lux” spirit and is filtered by birch charcoal. The line "Belenky" includes not only classic, but also special vodka - with infusion of oatmeal and cedar.

6. Khortytsya

Ukrainian vodka Khortitsa confidently holds high positions in Russian and international ratings. Under the brand "Khortytsya" more than 7.5 million dal of vodka are produced annually.

5. Nemiroff

Another Ukrainian vodka - Nemirov closes the top five. The line "Nemirov" includes several varieties of classic and flavored vodka, including the popular tincture "Ukrainian with pepper."

4. Green Mark

The fourth place in the rating of the largest vodka brands is taken by the Russian "Green Brand". Over the past year, more than 9.30 million dal of the classic and flavored vodka "Green Mark" was produced.

It is worth noting that almost the entire volume is bought up on the domestic market.

Vodka Bread Gift Vodka Absolute Vodka Smirnov
3. Bread Gift

The three leaders included Ukrainian vodka "Khlebny Dar". In 2012, she also received the Best Ecologically Clean Vodka award at the Best Drink 2012 competition.

2. Absolut

Swedish vodka Absolut has reached incredible popularity thanks in large part to its creative advertising campaign. Over the past year, the volume of production of vodkas and liquors "Absolute" amounted to more than 11.21 million dal.

1. Smirnoff

Almost twice ahead of the nearest competitor in the number of vodka sold per year, Smirnoff has for many years been at the top of the ranking of the most popular vodkas in the world.

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